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Dental Care for Cats and Dogs

Regular dental care is essential to every animal’s health and happiness. A healthy mouth prevents pain, safeguards against infection and promotes overall longevity.

At Emerald Hills Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to helping clients provide their animals with the highest quality of life possible, which is why we offer dental care for cats and dogs. All dental procedures are performed under anesthesia, using the latest in safety precautions and comfort measures. Our dental care procedures are comprehensive and involve multiple steps, including:

  • Complete oral examination
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Dental x-rays
  • Tooth extraction, if needed
  • Home dental care education


Anesthetized Cat Teeth Cleaning

Every dental procedure is conducted under anesthesia, allowing us to fully evaluate oral health and treat dental disease in cats and dogs. Without the use of anesthesia, there is a significant risk that disease below the gum line will be missed. Our goal during this part of the dental procedure is to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable. We use advanced equipment to monitor the health of your pet while under anesthesia. We also use a customized pain control plan for the comfort of your pet.

At Emerald Hills Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in veterinary medicine. Because we put your pet’s safety first, we discourage owners from seeking anesthesia-free dental cleanings for their pets. These cleanings are ineffective at providing a thorough cleaning and create a false security in your pet’s oral health.

Complete Oral Exam

Every dental procedure involves a thorough examination of the oral cavity. We carefully evaluate the overall health of the mouth, gums and tongue. We also examine each tooth for signs of decay or disease.

Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning and polishing are an essential part of every dental procedure. Plaque and tartar are removed from above and below the gum line, reducing the bacterial load in the mouth. The teeth are then polished, leaving a smooth surface, which slows the return of plaque and tartar.

Dental X-Rays

Dental Xrays

To obtain a complete picture of your pet’s dental health, we always take full-mouth x-rays, which includes taking images of all teeth, the jaw bones and the sinuses. These images allow us to assess the health of the tooth above and below the gum line, which helps us better determine if your pet is suffering from dental disease.

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes a tooth becomes infected or there is significant bone loss around the tooth. To decrease your pet’s pain and improve health, we may recommend extraction of one or more teeth while your pet is under anesthesia. All extractions are accompanied by a local anesthetic block (freezing) to reduce pain during the oral surgery.

Home Dental Care Education

Dog getting teeth brushed

We understand the importance of daily brushing for all cats and dogs. Our clinic provides ongoing education about starting a home dental care regimen for your pet. Each plan is individualized and developed to fit the needs of your family. Education about a home dental care program may include:

  • Instruction and training on brushing
  • Recommendations for dental care products
  • Information on the benefits of pet dental care

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